Custom Diecast Model Toy Vans
Diecast Model Toy Vans
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Diecast custom toy vans

Welcome to my toybox where I keep my diecast custom toy vans.

I only collect American and English (CF Bedford) custom vans, no transits, vws, renaults or astros.

When I say I collect vans, I mean in a budget form, I'm not a big spender and mostly take the vans out of the packets to display on my shelf. Although recently I have been keeping some in blister packs if they are not the basic type.

My main source of these custom toy vans are garage sales, swap meets and local toy shops. As New Zealand is only small compared to USA and Australia I think we have limited supply, example we can't buy Johnny Lightning from the shops anymore so places like ebay are the only place to buy.
Ebay is great but postage kills 99% of deals, plus a lot of folks wont send outside USA.
I collect model vans for the enjoyment factor, not the resale value so limited my spending to $10 (NZ) max a van.
Shops here sell hotwheels for $2.70 and some matchbox can be $7.99

Up until recently I thought all diecast toy vans were created equally, then I found out about variations within productions. Most variations are only small, like different wheels, metal or plastic base or the colour of the windows. If I find a variation (at a good price) I'll get it but don't go out of my way to find them.

I love my vans, I not only collect these diecast toy vans, I also build 1/24 & 1/25 scale plastic vans, and on top of that I build real 1:1 scale custom vans. Once you've finished here, check out my custom cf bedford van

Please note I am not a shop, I do not sell any diecast vans. I collect and display them because I love vans.

Oh and by the way people, vans are NOT shoes, you drive them, you don't wear them!

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